Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red Bull Big Tune w/ Willie D

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Red Bull's Big Tune Beat Battle here in Houston as a fan cheering on a friend. Since then, I have grown a close relationship with the Houston Red Bull staff and this year I experienced the Beat Battle more up close and personal; shits was AMAZING!!

Red Bull came up to my store and conducted a beat making work shop with some of the best producers and industry heads in the game - Vitamin D, J Moore and DJ DV One. The workshop was really cool, we had a few people come through and assist the guys with making a beat right there on the spot.


Vitamin D

J Moore

So the next night, the actual event took place in Downtown Houston. Just as last year, the shit was PACKED! Now, my friends ALWAYS tell me I know every body but DAMN, I guess I really do. Every freakin step it was someone callin my name!! (shouts out to my boys - Ace of Bad Boy, Acie High, Ray and Energizer The DJ! Booo @ Priceless for missin out, lol). So yea, I'm walkin around w/ my silver-get-free-drinks-all-access wrist band feelin like a fckin super star, LOL.

There was this husband and wife who both make beats and were apart of the event. She (EQ) made it to the final round and went up again that boy Pyro (Sound Mob). Last year Pyro ass threw money in the crowd, LOL. I was too excited for EQ, but she didn't win the final battle. But hell, she got mad far! Ohh, that Picnic dude was off the chain. I need to google his ass, LOL.


Ok, so the performance was no other than Willie D of the Geto Boys (Geto Boys reunion on July 4th @ Warehouse Live - be there if you're not in New Orleans - Tay Da Don will be hittin the stage too *YaY*). So he gets into the 1st track, pouring henny in everyone's cup, lol. And then he puts Fiya on the mic and the whole performance began to "get out of hand", as someone stated. Willie D ass decided to preach! He is "TIRED of you metrosexuals" you "tight clothes wearing men". He said its not cute! LOL. Then he goes on to tell us not to look up to celebs or some ish and says "J Lo is a HO!!" *thud*!! He said she has had "too many boyfriends and too many husbands, shes a ho". You can imagine the look on the red bull execs faces..LOL

Willie D

I started filming the ish but I felt bad for the red bull guys who were trying to do everything to get him off of the stage..LOL....He was on stage for a good 20 mins, maybe 30 - hell it was long, LOL. Finally he does "Mind Playin Tricks On Me" and gets off the stage..LOL - CLASSIC moment! I hate to say it, but the crowd thinned out and I heard a few boo's *shrug* oh well!

Vitamin D & J Moore

Overall the night was GREAT! I had a blast! Can't wait until next year! J Moore & Vitamin D did a GREAT job! Check out there rest of the tour if you guys can - they are visiting 9 cities in all. Philly, Oakland and Houston are done. Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Seattle, Washington DC, LA and then the finals are in NY this yr in December! If you RSVP it is FREE otherwise its $5! to RSVP!!

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