Thursday, June 26, 2008

Russell Simmons to pay up til 2022!

Ok, what did I miss? Why is Kimora Lee Simmons asking for so much in child support and asking for full custody w/ crazy restrictions on how Russ spends time w/ his kids? When did he become a bad person?

Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki will get $20,000 a month from their good old Pops - or should I say Ki Ki is getting $480,000 a yr for her kids. Doesn't she have a shit load of dough? Hell, isn't he around in the kids lives to properly take care of them without a court order? GEEZ!! He has to pay until 2022, lol!

She filed for divorce last year and she's asking for primary custody of the girls and that Russell, 50, be granted "reasonable child visitation ... accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel."



Ainz Neal said...

that chick is crazy..she wouldn't be nothing without Rusell..He gave her Baby Phat..I'm NEVER getting married!!!

Tigah Bee said...

Cat me and my office mate are DYING over certainly made our morning!!!! Love ya girl!

Dr. Kiti said...

This is some foolishness! Triflin ass bitch! Baby Phat ain't even all that no more and she know it, that's why she tryna get all that money!