Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mike Jones' Liquor Deal

Hey, since GOONS are checkin my blog and ish lately, why not put something worth wild for them to read, aye? I wonder how fast this one will float around - I bet Mike Jones calls me, LOL

Mike Jones new Liquor Brand

Yes sirrrrrrrr! Mike Jones and DB - The Corporate Hustla have joined forces and are doing BIG thangs; they have a liquor coming to stores SOON! Naw, erase that, its coming to STORES, CLUBS, HOTELS and RESTAURANTS soon! Be on the look out for DOBBE the end of Sept in stores.
3 of 5 of their brands

Dobbe O - an Orange Liquor w/Cognac

Dobbe RNB Cognac


Nice flicks DB, I see you =)

Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll be hittin you w/ more info soon! I'll be checkin it out on Friday - so I'll let you know how it is!


Micki B said...

About time, Mike Jones doing it big anyway, just was wondering when he was going to get his own liquor like everybody, not that he should be like everybody else.

Enigmatik said...

just what we need...more liquor!

KJtheGreat said...

wow! well, i hope that works out for him...cuz Sizzup, Clover, Ciroc, Nuvoc (or whatever it's called), don't seem to have very long shelf lives.

i'm drinking FIREFLY VODKA all day! said...

yikes. mike, you're my man. i have all mixtapes and shit. but still though. drank!? let lil flip / cam'ron handle that.

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