Sunday, August 24, 2008

Strapped Condoms

So I'm chillin in the crib watchin Street Flava, I actually don't normally watch it but they were showing Ozone Award clips and I saw Chamillionaire - sweet Jesus do I LOVE that man!! Of course the commercials they show are the same one's over and over again - not knockin it tho (shouts out to D-Solo & my Angel Ms. Skye of The Boxx - I love her so!!) and the Strapped Condoms commercial is one that I saw multiple times.

As many of my friends know, I'm outspoken about safe sex, getting tested and blah blah blah, and I completely support Strapped Condoms (shouts out to Xaiver!!!) because 1) they are produced by a black owned business 2) it's Houston based and 3) the reps reach out the community. I am just curious as it if everyone who is a rep for Rap A lot and its supporting friends, actually use Strapped. Unfortunately, I am COMPLETELY allergic to the condoms and can't use them but I've never heard what others think of them.

Is Strapped the next Magum for the Hip Hop community - honestly, I hope it is, its something we need. With spokesmen such a Wayne, Rick Ross & the Rap A lot crew, it should do just fine. I think personal testimonies may be needed though because who is to say those Artist actually use em?

How about YOU buy em (Strapped Condoms) and tell me what cha think, aye? Thanx!!

This HIV/AIDS epidemic is NOT a game! Every Tuesday @ The Urban Zone inside of Sharpstown Mall we do FREE HIV testing from 3-7; Know Your Status & learn it EVERY 3 months! Check the date on mine - 8/12/08, its not a game! I do this for fun and to encourage others who have never taken the time to get tested (I see it EVERY week); hope to see some of you Tuesday!

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