Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rode Trip!!

So Sunday evening I'm chillin in the crib engaged in a conference chat w/ the "OUT" crew when I get a call from EJ of What It Dew Magazine asking if I want to take a ride. I had been in the house all day and really didn't feel like going any where - but I played along and was like where! He informed me he wanted to ride to Lake Charles, Louisiana to go gambling. I thought it over for a second and said FUCK IT - after all, I'd been in the crib all day, lol. Plus I hadn't hung w/ my homie in a while!

He comes through and I ended up driving. It was cool drivin for 2 hours out there, I must say it was the 1st time I was actually praising PARTY 93.3 for the switch; I was able to reach it wayyyy in Lake Charles, lol. Shouts out to Kiotti for the jams and LOL @ Slim Thug calling in cursing, LOL! COMEDY!!

Anywayyyyyyy - catching up and shit was cool until finally arriving to the casino at around 10:30 or so. I up and left & forgot to inform certain people that I was gone - the text messages were rather funny when I relayed the message, lol. MY BAD! EJ was on the crap table all night, while I played on Twitter and the 50 cent slot machines. The Ninja was actually up a wholeeee lot and some how blew what he won, lol. He told me to hold some money so he wouldn't blow all of it and told me not to give it to him until we left. You ain't got to tell me twice, lol. Of course he was trying to beat me up in an attempt to get the money I was holding, I walked him to the cashier to cash in and me like abig dummy allowed the girl to give HIM the cash and this fool ran back to the crap table, LOL.

We finally bounced at 1:00 and rode back - yea, I was stuck driving again, LOL. This time around I decided to play with the Benz and see what it was made of, lol. Man, lets just say the sound it made when I hit 100 to 120; BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL! It freakin puurrrs, lol. Arriving back in Houston a lil before 3 and getting home around 3:30, I was dead tired 50 miles outside of Houston but I made it! Not to mention this Ninja was sleep and snoring on the ride home - but I forgive him cause he had to work at 6am, lol. Again, shouts out to PARTY 93.3 for playing some hits. Ya know how ya foot seems to get carried away while driving and you hear your jams - yea, that's what happened to me, lol.

I had a blast and think I want to make it a regular thing. Maybe invite more people next time! So Apeezy, Cristal and whom ever else, be ready when I call, LOL. We are hitting the rode =)

Thanxxxxxxxxxx EJ for the invite - have fun in Vegas this weekend, Son!

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