Wednesday, August 27, 2008

They Shoulda Neva Game You Monkeys The Net

So young, Cristal Bubblin of PARTY 93.3 posted a video of this dude Troy dancing and he is STRAIGHT COMEDY!

I sent to the link to my home girl who instantly reminded me of Ramon, the gay dancer who I mimicked! You see, all of my friends adore me cause I am a DAMN FOOL - always doing something silly! Well once upon a time I had a boy friend who didn't want me working, which lead to me being home all day with nothing but time on my hands. When I wasn't cooking, cleaning or baking I was writing (which is how Clit Chronciles were created - boredom and then came the videos! B used to HATE these videos, lol. He caught hell at work! LOL

And YES that is a projector as my TV/Computer screen on the wall. And if you look at thescreen you see Ramon & I am attempting to copy his moves!

Ms. New Booty

Here is the second video - I couldnt hang, LOL - Salt Shaker


ODARA said...

Get It Girl!!!! LOL!!!

Mz Freshie Freshington said...

You need Jesus lol