Friday, August 22, 2008

As Promised

A lot of people have been telling me lately that they missed their 10 year reunion - makes me even more ecstatic that I went to mine! I had a ball with you wonderful people! =)

More pics on FB & MySpace

Doin what I do best - DANCE..LOL

CaT & Linc - still finer than a muthafucka *smilez*

Danielle, CaT, Brandy, Sherlita aka The Crew prt 1

Marcus, Third, Michael, Greg, Lenord & Linc aka The Crew prt 2

Sennie, Kim, Aaliyah, Contasia aka The Crew prt 3

Liyah & Stu - yup The Crew

Fina and Finy with their oh so awesome Husbands =) "You'll all be dead in 10 yrs" LOL

CaT, Linc, Michael & Sherlita

CaT & Marc Cole! My homie for real!!

CaT, Tony's wife, Tony & Jermey

Half of the clan - others were late, lol

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