Friday, August 22, 2008

My Sunshine!

Her name is April and she ROCKS!!

Our 2nd time hanging out - LOL @ her gettin crunk. I knew right before this pic was taken that I was gon love this girl, LOL

In life we meet a lot of people, some you become instantly cool with and others who you just deal with, LOL. With the work that I do I make a lot of "by default" friends or "associates". By Default folks are the ones you happen to be cool with because of work or because they are friends of a friend or family member - APEEZY may have started off in that boat because of who we associate w/ but in the end, yo, that's my muthafuckin DOG!

We laugh, we joke, we cry, we eat (FOOD u morons), we just CLICK! She is like a real sister to me, adding her to the clan of other great sisters I have! She's my Nikki to her Doris, LOL. Yea, them hos are tight and thats how my April is to me! I would like to thank the great folks who moved her to Houston, lol. I know she has my back, she has done it time and time again and I most def have hers. Our disappoint in people is on point, lol and we are >>>>>HERE<<<<<
Just in case I don't tell ya enough, I loveeeeeeeeeeee you "Popea" LOL We're getting so serious I may have to get your name tattooed on me, LOLOLOL! ok, I'm dumb! Whew! I promise I have NEVER had a bad thought about this lady man, she's just great and she is so beautiful! Thanx for being my sunshine, Sunshine!

We love the same music and laugh at the same stuff! We also love the same food and are curious about the same things, LOL. We are jut some damn fools!! We will be bored at a party (or Que boat cruise *ahem*) and still some how have fun

And we both LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Kanye West! She was sick during the concert and still rocked it with me, LOL...

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