Saturday, August 23, 2008

Karrine's Party Night

Keeping you update w/ Karrine, she just posted a new video blog today. Tonight she will be celebrating her 30th birthday in ATL. She opened a special guest list for Twitter folks. Here is a list of the VIP folks, Lord knows I wanted to come out and party it up - oh well!!

I must say, I have found it quite humorous the amount of stuff that has been in the blogs lately about Karrine. I haven't said anything because its not my position but its FUNNY! I will say tho, Karrine is alright in my book, she is chill as fuck and is doing stuff online that most "Celebs" aren't doing - so Im not mad at her. Maybe it's the Marketing mentality in me, she is above the game when it comes to getting herself out there right now. True, her name may have gotten big over some controversial behavior but she has made some changes, she faded out of the spot light for a minute and now she is back but not back to make money off people - she is just chilling amongst us everyday people. I cant knock her for that! Rave on Wifey =)

Anyway - check her new V Blog Previous blogs - click here and here

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