Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 10 year Reunion

Yoooooooooo - I must say, it was so GREAT to see all of my old JR High & High School classmates. I haven't seen most of them in well over 10 years so it was cool to catch up! The laughs were non stop - starting with Michael and Marcus Deal having the staff bring them their own table, them negros have NOT changed..lol. Seeing Lincoln, Fina, Finy & Sherlita made my night - I so stan them! I was in shock to see Marcus Cole, man, I've known that negro long before High School!! The Reunion crew did an amazing job - it was funny giving people hugs and then saying "Whats your name again?" LOL! TOO funny! More pics to come soon! Just letting everyone know I had a ball and everyone looked great - all except for the one chick who for some reason said she looked better than everyone else..LOL..was she serious? LOL.

ps - the picture above is NOT of everyone who came out. They had us take the pic upon first arrival to get it over with, sucks cause a lot of cool people missed out on the pic but hey! I'm located in the 2nd seat w/ the yellow jacket. Speaking of 1st arrival - I won a gift certificate to Wal Mart for being the 1st to arrive..LOL..I'm punctual, what can I say? LOL

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