Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love this guy.....

He's probably going to kill me later - oh well! lol RL, was on my mind just now, upon looking at new pics, so I wanted to write about him *smilez*

You haven't heard much from him lately, so you probably forgot all about my Ninja - or have you? Check the inserts of your cd's, you've heard him ya just don't know it. From Jaime Foxx's "Unpredictable" to Keith Sweats latest album, to new tracks on Trey Song's album - TRUST, you've heard him. He's rather humble & not looking for the spot light (in my yes), he is just about writing good music. He recently had a show in Dallas (2 weeks ago actually) but overall you can catch him in the studio writing some hits with top producers and artist.

RL & Lance @ PF Changs

Oh, yea, you can catch him in the gym also, LOL...I'm about to send my Mommy this pic, lol. She LOVES him and I was nice and let her talk to him last week, I had to hear about him all weekend.

Thanx for always being so kind, butter-cup! love ya =)..KiT CaT

Catch RL on the net - and I don't know his Facebook url, but he's there also!

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